Animal Control

Animal Control Officer

Sam Lowdon, Bylaw Enforcement/Animal Control Officer
(250) 719-6081

Dog and Cat Licensing

Every dog and cat living within the municipality must be licensed with the Village of Pouce Coupe. Licences are purchased at the Village Office for a nominal fee. Each licence, regardless of when it is purchased, expires on December 31 of that year.

Dog License - fill out the form fillable PDF form and return it to or our mailbox 

Cat License - fill out the form fillable PDF form and return it to or our mailbox 

Please note: The tag/tags will be mailed to your mailing address and you can make payment at a later date when the Village Office hours resume to normal.

Some Benefits of Dog and Cat Licensing:

  1. Helps to reunite lost pets with their families:
    A dog or cat tag makes it easier for the Animal Control Officer or concerned residents to reunite a lost pet with its owner.
  2. Cost effective:
    In addition to an impounding fee, dog owners are charged a daily boarding fee for each day their dog stays at the pound. If your dog is wearing a licence tag, you will be contacted immediately and can prevent boarding fees from adding up.
  3. Provides services to our community:
    Licensing fees are used to offset the costs of providing animal control services in our community.
  4. Encourages population control:
    Reduced licensing fees encourage owners to spay/neuter their dogs and cats.

The Current Dog Tag Fee Schedule Is:

  • Neutered Male or Spayed Female – $20.00
  • Male (not neutered) – $50.00
  • Female (not spayed) – $50.00
  • Replacement Tag – $5.00

The Current Cat Tag Fee Schedule Is:

  • Spayed or Neutered Cat without Tattoo or Microchip – $25.00
  • Spayed or Neutered Cat with Tattoo or Microchip – $5.00
  • Unneutered or Unspayed Cat – $50.00

Please note that documentation is required to prove that the dog/cat is spayed or neutered. Once provided, the Village will file the documentation and it will no longer be required for that pet.

Barking Dogs

Every owner of an animal shall ensure that the animal does not produce any noise or continuous sound which disturbs or tends to disturb the quiet, peace, rest, comfort, convenience or enjoyment of the neighbourhood or of persons in the vicinity.

If there is a dog in your neighbourhood that barks frequently and persistently and disturbs the neighbourhood, you may

  • Approach your neighbour and tactfully discuss the problem with them as they may not realize that their dog barks when they are not home or that it disturbs their neighbours.
  • Contact the Pouce Coupe Animal Control Officer and provide your name, address and phone number and the address of the dog in question. The Animal Control Officer may contact the owner of the dog and confirm that the information provided is correct and inform the dog’s owner of the regulations and offer assistance to resolve the problem.

Dog Impoundment

The Animal Control Officer may seize and impound an unlicensed dog, a dog at large, and a vicious dog.

At large means the animal is not on the property of the owner or is uncontained and not under the immediate charge and control of the owner or a competent person.

Impound Fees & Fines:

  • Impoundment of an animal (includes day of impoundment) – $25.00/Day
  • Impoundment of licensed dog – $50.00
  • Impoundment of unlicensed dog – $100.00
  • Second impoundment – $200.00
  • Third impoundment – $400.00
  • Impoundment of vicious dog – $300.00
  • Impoundment of vicious dog a subsequent time – $500.00

Vicious Dogs

A vicious dog is any animal with a known propensity, tendency or disposition to attack, without provocation, other domestic animals or humans or which has bitten another domestic animal or human without provocation.

For more information about the requirements to keep a vicious dog, or for more information about Animal Control, see Animal Control and Licensing Bylaw No. 1005, 2018.